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Manage People

Keep track of everyone involved in your ministry.  From members to guests, you'll have crucial ministry information easily accessible.

Family Relationships

Our database is uniquely designed for flexible family options.  Managing multi-generational family relationships is simple.

Group Management

Everything you need to track and manage your church into small groups. From discipleship or small groups or just a group of people our system makes it simple.

Simplify Communication

We make contacting your church easy.  Simplify Community makes communicating with your members quick and easy.

Email People & Groups

Email an individual or group with a click of a button.

Easy Child Check-In

Keep your children's ministry safe and secure.

Cloud Based Hosting

Access your information from any location.  Our 99.9% up-time and secure servers keeps your data safe and always available.

Secure Data

We strive to maintain the highest security for the system to keep your data safe.

Top Notch Support

Need Help?  Our ministry support team is here to help you.

We know there are tons of features you expect and we have that. We're keeping things simple with the tools you need,

Easy to Use.